I decided to compile a list with links to almost all of Gaga’s broadcasted/ recorded live performances. Here it is! Enjoy

Fame Era 2008

2008 - Just Dance - New Now Next Awards (USA)

2008 - Beautiful Dirty Rich/ Poker Face/ Just Dance - Miss Sixty Fall Fashion Show (USA)

2008 - Just…

Temple (Instrumental Snippet)

Temple (Instrumental Snippet)



I have been talking to someone today, a long conversation, the end result being a 12 second snippet of temple (well the instrumental at least) and I will tell you that this is 100% legit and I will explain why…

The person I have been talking to knows stuff, has stuff, he was the one who leaked the ‘Brooklyn Nights’ instrumental and other things like ‘G.U.Y.’ stems and ‘Swine’ stems. This is supposedly a snippet from the ‘Temple’ instrumental which was pulled from the UMG cache last year.

The guy I’m talking to is willing to sell the instrumental to me and describes the song like this:

"It’s very slow and gentle, the intro always gives me chills. It starts with this slow, deep sitar.

It’s gentle like the snippet, but not as fast as ‘Aura;’ like 121 BPM.”

What do you think?